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Now that Angular 2 Beta is out, we recommend teams move to Angular 2 for most new development. However, if you need to stay on Angular 1, we also have resources for working in Angular 1 in an Angular 2 style and transition architecture.



Explore Our Angular 2 Training

Learn the programming language of the web, from the fundamentals to the most advanced, with our experts.


Get up to speed on Angular 2 in just two days with our Angular 2 team.

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Take our online course designed for Angular 1.X developers who want to learn to code in an Angular 2 style. It can be done anywhere in the world, and you'll receive video recordings following the course.

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Watch our Angular 2 Webinars

The launch of the Angular 2 Beta demands immediate attention by most organizations due to the massive impact it has on existing and future application development. Watch and to understand why moving to Angular 2 is now your most important initiative.

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Intro to Angular 2 Components

Watch passed Angular 2 webinars below:

Decision Maker's Guide: Why You Should Move to Angular 2 Now

Thinking in Angular 2- An Overview of Key Angular 2 Concepts for Angular 1 and Traditional JavaScript Developers

Mastering Your Angular 2 Workflow with Augury (formerly Batarangle), TypeScript, Webpack and More

How to Start Using Angular 2.0 with Your Angular 1.0 Code Base


Read Our Angular 2 Blog Series

We've captured many of the insights learned on our many projects. Please check out our blog articles on many critical Angular 2 practices that you can start using today in your Angular 1.x projects.


Watch Our CTO's Epic Angular 2 Talk

If you want to get to the heart of what Angular 2 means for you, we recommend this must-watch talk given by our CTO and referenced by Google’s Angular core team at AngularU.

CTO Yuri Takhteyev talks All Things Angular 2.0 at the AngularJSTO Meetup.

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