Better Functional Architecture With Redux

Talk by Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at

A lot of developers have come to appreciate the benefits of Flux architecture, which makes it a lot easier to deal with complex application state in a large front end application. Redux is a new framework that takes Flux to a new level - or, one could say, to its logical conclusion. With Redux, it makes it easy to write most of your code as pure functions, which vastly simplifies testing. It also helps you eliminate a lot of asynchronous logic. Redux only concerns itself with managing state, so it can be combined with the most popular view-layer frameworks, such as React and Angular.

Speaker's Bio:

Yuri is’s second developer, a former faculty member at the University of Toronto, and a published author. He is an expert in front-end and test-driven development, server-side development, UX and design. Yuri holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Information Management and Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. To hear more from Yuri, follow him on Twitter at @qaramazov.