The Decision Maker's Guide: Why You Should Move to Angular 2.0 Now

A webinar from’s CEO Nick van Weerdenburg and CTO Yuri Takhteyev

Plan and Execute Your Angular 2.0 Initiatives

Since Angular 2 has such as large impact, both technically and strategically for the long-term value of an application, it's important to plan early and, in many cases, start migrating as soon as you can.

Topics covered:

  • Why is Angular 2 important?
  • What is the learning curve for Angular 2?
  • How hard is it to train Angular 1 developers in Angular 2?
  • What is the benefit of Angular 2 on new and existing projects?
  • What are the risks for Angular 2?
  • How do I plan and estimate a move to Angular 2?
Nick van Weerdenburg’s Bio:

Nick is’s founder, first developer, and now leads the company’s business development and strategy activities. Nick first did server-side JavaScript in 1997 and has 15 years of experience in web software in diverse roles and industries. He is a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack and an active speaker, delivering about a dozen talks each year. To hear more from Nick, follow him on Twitter at @n1cholasv.

Yuri Takhteyev’s Bio:

Yuri is’s second developer, a former faculty member at the University of Toronto, and a published author. He is an expert in front-end and test-driven development, server-side development, UX and design. Yuri holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Information Management and Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. To hear more from Yuri, follow him on Twitter at @qaramazov.