Intro to Angular 2 Components

A Webinar by Seth Davenport, Senior Developer at

JavaScript application development has evolved rapidly in the last few years. In that time, we have seen a set of best practices emerge to help developers structure complex applications in a more sustainable way.

Angular 2 collects many of these practices into a 'component-oriented' strategy which formalizes the best aspects of the approach. This webinar provides a crucial overview of Angular 2 components and how they can help you write better applications. Click here to view the slides.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating Components
  • Passing Data into a Component
  • Responding to Component Events
  • Change Propagation
  • Projection
  • View Encapsulation
  • ElementRef

Speaker's Bio:

Seth Davenport

Seth has been a professional software developer since 2004 and maintains’s internal tech stacks and deployment tools. He has worked with all versions of Angular since 1.2 and is active in's Angular 2 training offerings.