Lean Product Design & Innovation

Talks by Fatima Remtullah of Rangle.io and Matthew Tobiasz of Thoughtworks

In these talks delivered at the AgileXD Meetup in Toronto, Fatima and Matthew discuss critical lessons learned through their work on Agile teams for various client projects.

Topics Covered

  • The benefits of guerilla research, and the difference between user and market research
  • The journey to building a successful MVP
  • The surprises that come with continuous user validation
  • Rapid prototyping in a Scrum environment
Speaker Bio's

Fatima Remtullah is a technology enthusiast on a journey to positively empower users. She strives to create a synergy between design and development throughout her process. Her specialization in Business and Technology at the University of Waterloo sparked her interest to further explore how UX can impact individuals and society as a whole.

Matthew Tobiasz is an Experience Designer from ThoughtWorks who creates great digital products with clients across North America. He leads creative teams to design and build ambitious products for both consumer and business facing applications.