Migrating from Web 2.0 jQuery Soup to Reusable React Components

A webinar presented by Senior developer Michael Bennett

This webinar examines the ways we used to build rich components with jQuery, and explores the key concepts needed to move towards building reusable React components with the same functionality. After looking at an older style component, you will begin re-building it as a reusable React component, and explore the benefits that come with that.

This webinar will look at:

  • The Flow of a Web 2.0 Style component
  • Transforming server responses into data / DOM
  • Handling events and server requests
  • Stateless and Stateful components
  • Composable components
  • Managing application state
  • Treating the UI as a function of state, and how this has evolved from the days of Web 2.0.

Speaker's Bio:

Micheal Bennett

Michael Bennett is a full stack developer who is passionate about JavaScript and its functional capabilities. He has been working with web technologies since the Mosaic era and has a love for all things free and open source.