What Rangle Has Learned About Modern JavaScript: 24+ Projects on with React & Angular

An address to ReactEurope attendees by CEO
Nick van Weerdenburg

In this video, Nick talks about what makes Rangle.io North America's leading next-generation full-stack JavaScript design and development firm. As strong functional programming advocates, Rangle.io leans towards functional reactive programming (FRP) for more complex applications.

Nick talks about pioneering in Lean UX and integrated Agile design and development methodologies that allow us to start delivering value quickly and continuously, enabling clients to quickly test and validate their features and business model on an ongoing basis. With over two dozen modern JavaScript projects delivered in the last two years, Rangle.io is the partner of choice for companies starting a new project or migrating to modern HTML5 web and mobile applications.

Nick's Bio:

Nick is Rangle.io’s founder, first developer, and now leads the company’s business development and strategy activities. Nick first did server-side JavaScript in 1997 and has 15 years of experience in web software in diverse roles and industries. He is a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack and an active speaker, delivering about a dozen talks each year. To hear more from Nick, follow him on Twitter at @n1cholasv.