Squishy Pixels - Rethinking Your Adaptive Web Design Strategy

Talk by Varun Vachhar, designer & front-end developer at Rangle.io

Adaptive Web Design and Responsive Web Design are often presented as competing design strategies. However, Adaptive Web Design is a superset of techniques aimed at crafting sites which provide an optimal user experience across multiple screen sizes. Responsive Web Design is just one such technique.

In this session, Varun covers the major techniques that make up the Adaptive Web Design strategy, how and when to choose these techniques for creating contextually-aware web experiences, and gives an introduction to building responsive layouts using CSS Flexbox.

Speaker's Bio

Varun Vachhar

Varun is a creative technologist who designs amazing user experiences for mobile and web applications. Having studied Mechanical Engineering and Interactive Design at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art, he specializes in bridging the gap between design and development. His work has been featured in Smashing Magazine, Codepen.io, Gizmodo and Engadget, and he was a finalist in Google’s Dev Art awards. He spoke at the FITC’s Web Unleashed Conference. You can follow him at @winkervsbecks